Product List

BioTek Code Product Name Product Description
QCD-5400 Quat Disinfectant

QCD 5400 is a multi-purpose cleaner and QuatTerminal Disinfectant that is used in agriculture, livestock, poultry and veterinary industries. It is highly recommended for cleaning a variety of surfaces walls and floors. It is also used for fogging, soaking and spray washing. It can also be used for exterior cleaning and utensils and equipment disinfection.

BH-21 Alkaline Foam Cleaner

Bh-21 is an alkaline foam detergent for cleaning heavy duty soils where removal of fats and oils is difficult in Slaughter House, Meat Processing Industries and Poultry Farms.

BH-22 Soft Metal Cleaner

Alkaline based Foam Cleaner for soft metals.

HCD-2200 Disinfectant

High Caustic Detergent

BH-10 Alkaline Detergent for CIP

Bh-10 is a caustic detergent formulated for cleaning in Dairy Beverages and Food Industry.

HCD-2300 Smokehouse Cleaner

HCD2300-Smoke House Cleaner is a high caustic heavy duty detergent especially used in foodplants. It aids in rapid removal of tough deposits of grease, smoke film and carbon in smokehouses, greasy deposits and oil from meat smoking operations. It is an excellent digester of carbonized food deposits.

BH-16 Bottle Wash Detergent

Bh-16 is formulated for cleaning of polycarbonate beverage containers used for bottled water and other spray washing applications like trays and crates. It provides rapid soil removal and excellent free rinsing. It is silicate, contains water softening components to give a good crystal clear finish even in hard water.

BH-11 Acid Detergent for CIP

Bh-11 is a low foaming, high active detergent and descaler specially formulated for spray and circulation in the dairy, beverage and food industry.

BioTek Code Product Name Product Description
BH-20 General Purpose Liquid Detergent

Highly concentrated General Purpose Cleaner used for cleaning hard surfaces including floors & walls.

BH-31 Oven Cleaner

Concentrated oven cleaner that cleans grill tops, ovens and fryers

BH-32 Degreaser

A highly effective degreaser used on cold surfaces to remove the build-up of grease on surfaces such as extractor hoods and vents.

BH-36 Auto Dish Wash

Concentrated automatic dishwash detergent which removes the toughest soils.

BH-30 Clean & Disinfect

Concentrated sanitizer for cleaning and disinfecting all surfaces including food contact surfaces, fridges, freezers and tables. 

BH-37 Auto Rinse Aid

Concentrated Rinse Aid that eliminates all detergents and provides a streak-free finish and shine. 

BH-34 Bactericidal Manual Pot Wash

Non-scented bactericidal manual pot wash. Highly concentrated and effective on cooking grease.

BH-41 Anti-Bacterial Hand Soap

Non-Scented Anti-Bacterial Hand Soap which cleans and disinfects while leaving hands moisturised. Recommended for food preparation industries.

BH42L Liquid Hand Sanitizer

A high quality hand sanitizer which leaves hands thoroughly disinfected, non sticky and contains moisturizing properties

BH-28 Silver Dip

Silver tarnish remover and restorer. Establishes brilliant results in seconds, can also be used on other metals such as copper.

BH-DC DecarboTek

Highly effective decarbonizer for removing carbon built up on pots, pans, and trays. 

BH-31(QFM) Oven Cleaner

Concentrated oven cleaner that cleans grill tops, ovens and fryers

BH-61S Air Freshener (Myrage) - Concentrate

Bh-61S Biopacs is a concentrated air freshener. It is used for housekeeping. Its long-lasting pleasant perfume is ideal for neutralizing bad odors and keeping rooms fresh.

BH-38 Descaler and Tarnish Remover

Concentrated Descaler used to remove limescale, rust on stainless steel surfaces. Removes the build up from boilers, dishwashers and others. 

BH-33P Stainless Steel Polish

A high shine stainless steel polish that leaves a spotless finish.

BioFoam-AF Foaming Hand Sanitizer

A non-alcoholic foam-based hand sanitzer

BH-42 Alcohol Hand Sanitizer Gel

A high quality hand sanitizer which leaves hands thoroughly disinfected and non-sticky and contains moisturizing properties.

BH-42L Liquid Hand Sanitizer

A high quality hand sanitizer which leaves hands thoroughly disinfected, non sticky and contains moisturizing properties

BH-53 Pine Disinfectant

Bh-53 is a pine oil-based disinfectant; ideal for toilets, counters and floor areas; a final step towards a sanitized, germ- free environment.

BH-52 Tub & Tile Cleaner

Bh-52 is a toilet tub and tile cleaner and deodorizer. It can be used with a wide variety of tiles to ensure clean, scale-free and fresh scented toilets after each use.

BH-50 Floor Polish

Bh-50 is a ready-to-use floor polish designed to restore the shine of marbles, granite, vinyl and sealed hard wood surfaces.

BH-51 Bowl & Urinal Cleaner

Bh-51 is a ready-to-use toilet bowl cleaner and descaler. It removes all water marks and grime from the toilet bowl leaving a fresh, clear shine.

BH-39 Concentrated Glass Cleaner

Highly concentrated glass cleaner that can be used on all glass surfaces for a streak-free finish

BH-27K Floor Mopping

Concentrated & Scented Mopping Detergent (Kala)

BH-56L Carpet Shampoo - Low Foam

Low foam carpet shampoo to be used with carpet extraction machines; provides excellent results.

BH-56H Carpet Shampoo - High Foam

A high foam carpet shampoo designed to be used with a normal rotary carpet machine; it produces excellent results. 

BH-63 Floor Polish Stripper

A concentrated floor polish stripper; it contains a highly effective emulsion and polish film remover.
It can be used on a variety of surfaces.

BH-64 Furniture & Wood Polish

Bh-64 is a ready-to-use wood furniture polish. It leaves surfaces shiny but not sticky and close to their natural look.

BH-40 Perfumed Hand Soap

Citrus-scented hand soap which foams well and provides an excellent cleaning action.
It leaves hands pleasantly scented and moisturized. 

BH-40.5 Perfumed Hand Soap

Rose-scented hand soap which foams well and provides an excellent cleaning action.
It leaves hands pleasantly scented and moisturized. 

BH-43 Hair & Shower Gel

Bh-43 is a perfumed hair and shower gel suitable for all types of hair and skin. It is suitable for public showers.

BH-62M Clean & Refresh (Myrage)

Bh-62M Biopacs is multi-surface cleaner and disinfectant. It is used in housekeeping for cleaning equipments such as telephones and keyboards. It leaves a pleasant residual fragrance after every use.

BH-57 Drain Unblocker

Bh-57 is a powerful and effective ready-to-use drain opener, safe on drainage systems, mainly where drainage regular maintenance is required.

BH-27 Perfumed Mopping Detergent

Concentrated & Scented Mopping Detergent (Kala)

BioTek Code Product Name Product Description
BH-91 MainTek

Bh-91 is a concentrated and low foaming liquid detergent that provides excellent cleaning for high efficiency washers. Its advanced formula removes soils and stains leaving clothes clean and fresh.

BH-92 BoosTek

Bh-92 is a high quality alkaline booster liquid detergent for removing stubborn grease, oil and stains built up on cottons and polyesters. It is a highly break/builder that is formulated to be used with automatic liquid dispensing systems in institutional and commercial laundries. Do not use on wool, silk or any delicate synthetics.

BH-93 EmulsiTek

Bh-93 is a concentrated formula laundry degreaser designed for  powerful cleaning of grease, oil stains and odors from industrial uniforms and towels at a wide range of temperatures. It ensures a cleaner and brighter laundry in shorter wash cycles.

BH-94 NeutralTek

Bh-94 is a formula designed for removal of iron and rust marks from linens during the final rinse. Its prevents browning, yellowing and speckling caused by rust stains. Ideal for processing iron discolored items. The product is also used to adjust the final pH of the water during the last rinse as to make all fabrics and linens less irritant to the skin and enhance the fabric life.

BH-97 Chlorobleach

Bh-97 is a highly concentrated infinitely soluble stabilized liquid chlorine type of bleach. It is very effective in removing colored stains from white laundry, and also provides disinfection capability. The product is very active yet a safe choice for commercial and institutional needs.

BH-96 Safebleach35

Bh-96 is a liquid oxygen bleach, effective in removing stains from colored and white fabrics that other bleach agents cannot be used upon. It disperses rapidly, removing stains and providing brighter whiter and odorless linens. It is safe on polyester.

BH-951 SofTek

Bh-951 is a concentrated blend softener and anti-static agent for use in commercial and institutional laundry applications. It is added to the final rinse cycle and it has excellent softening properties that reduce drying times and enables a longer linen life. The long-lasting fresh scent and soft feeling of the fabric last for long periods of time.