Our Facilities

We call it Home Base Inspectors call it a Jewel Clients call it a Marvel

Everyone has an open inviitation to come and take a walk around our facility at any time, we actually like touring it ourselves.

The facility comprises of the following departements

  • Production Factory
  • Offices and Administration
  • Logistics
  • Technical Team
  • R&D Department
  • Storage and Warehouse.

The factory proudly produces our formulations and has a capactiy of through-putting 30 tons of product per day. All raw materials procured are of the utmost quality and sourced from reputable suppliers across the globe.

Our ethos and outlook encompass the benefits of working both as a reputed and branded service provider, as well as providing the services of purely a production facility. This broad approach ensures that quality products are available across different parts of the MENA region.