Laundry Solutions

Biotek Solutions offers efficient, cost-effective laundry process chemicals and dispensing systems in accordance with the washing standards and customers' requirements.

The innovative, advanced liquid chemicals are designed with to be extremely effective, but also to conform with our own stringent Health and Safety standards, this is why all our laundry products are phosphate free.

By providing a very efficient dispensing system, we also do our part in safe gurading the Health & Safety of the laundry staff, whereby our equipment can shield them from handling concentrate chemicals. Staff are trained in safe handling techniques to ensure full product recognition and performance aspects.

The fully automatic dispensing equipment ensure maintenance-free, accurate chemical dosage and provide detailed activity reports to the customer and stringent after-sales support ensures finished results once achieved, are consistently maintained.

Our laundry solutions elevate efficiency, linen results, and the all-important cost savings to the essential standards. All our products are manufactured with the vision of the highest quality of linen output, which is why we use encapsulated fragrances that endure the heat - drying process with easily.

Beware - The customers might like the lasting fragrance so much, they might never leave you.