Dispensers & Dosing Equipment

Highly Concentrated Producs, Maximum Performance and Cost Effectiveness...

Need we say more?
We provide clearly marked, fully color-coded systems that are calibrated to consistently provide precise dilutions and product efficacy. The color coding is an essential tool to avoid any crossover of chemical use, thus avoiding any health and safety or chemical damage issues that can arise from erroneous use of products.

Dispensing and Dosage System Categories:

  • Ready-to-use diluted Bottle Fill/Bucket Fill dispenser
  • Ready-to-use diluted Sink Fill dispenser
  • Pelican dispensing pumps
  • Metered manual pot wash dispensing system
  • Easy-to-use Hand Soap and Hand Sanitizer dispensers
  • Alphanumeric, color-coded dispensing and spray trigger delivery systems
  • Self-dispensing janitorial tools